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So, I had this idea. I ran my idea by a couple dozen friends and they assured me the idea wasn’t crazy.

But here’s what is crazy. There are tons of personal finance blogs and companies out there telling us how to save, spend, and invest. And there are a lot of relationship sites helping us connect with our partners and generally not suck at relationships. But there’s not much out there looking at both, living at the intersection of our finances and our relationships.

Let’s face it, if managing money were as simple as solving a fourth grade math problem, we wouldn’t fight about money. We wouldn’t go broke. We wouldn’t stress about it. We’d all save, spend, and invest the exact same way and we’d all get rich. Money would be a non-issue and the only fights we’d have would be about what to eat for dinner and our in-laws.

There’s more to handling money than math. It’s about making hard decisions about what’s important to us. It means balancing our innermost hopes, dreams, and fears against reality. Money MEANS something to all of us. How we handle that stuff with our partners has a huge impact in the quality of our relationships. How we handle our love and money matters.

So I’m committing this site to the not-so crazy idea that when couples learn to win with their money, they’ll win in their relationships. As a 3 time child of divorce, I know all too well the pain and destruction failed relationships can bring. Now that I’m married, I want nothing more than to have an awesome life with my wife. That means figuring out how to handle money together. 

It wasn’t always pretty or easy, but we’ve built a system for handling money that works for us. It pays the bills and helps us pursue our dreams while protecting us from our fears.  We know how to have important conversations without fighting. 
We’ve even grown closer together as we’ve handled challenges with love and respect.

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