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Guest Post: Actionable Ways (and Challenges) to Deal with Debt as a Married Couple

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Hey Folks, James here. Thanks for the patience and grace you’ve shown me as I’ve been tied up dealing with my father’s passing. (Cleaning up an Estate sucks, but doesn’t have to.) I’ve got some great stuff planned for this site and hope to be back at it shortly. In the meantime, please enjoy this guest post from my blogging friend Dan. Along with his wife June, Dan runs Dinks.co, sharing what they’ve learned on their way to financial freedom as a Dual Income No Kid family. If you like this post,…read more

Paying off our mortgage with a bunch of rocks

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If you’ve ever been over to our house you may’ve noticed 2 vases with a bunch of rocks in each. The rocks aren’t there for Feng Shui. The rocks aren’t there as some kind of weird hipster decoration. The rocks are there to help us pay off our mortgage.  No, these are not magic rocks. No, these are not really gold nuggets. No, they’re not diamonds. Just rocks. So how are they helping us pay off our mortgage? We’ll get there in just a minute. I’m fickleEarlier this year I ran…read more

How we paid off $62,000 in 7 months

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Shortly after we got married, Andrea and I got serious about our finances and paid off all our debt. It only took us 7 months.While I’ve previously shared the method Andrea and I used to pay off all our debts, knowing what to do, and even how, isn’t always enough.  Sometimes we need to believe something is possible before we even try.Sometimes we need to know someone else has blazed a trail and succeeded, meaning it’s possible for us, too.Sometimes, we need hope.So in case this is one of those…read more

The Best Way To Pay Off All Your Debt

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When Andrea and I first got married we paid off $62,000 in debt in 7 months.Right here, right now I’m going to walk you through how we did it and you’ll soon realize you can do it, too. You’re going to get EVERYTHING you need to get a grip on your finances and break free from your debts.What would you do if you had an extra $100, $500, or even $1,000+ each month that you DIDN’T have to handover to Sallie Mae or Visa? How much less stress would you…read more

Answer 1 Question To Find Focus For Your Finances

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Andrea and I just got back from a wonderful, much needed vacation. It wasn’t the most relaxing trip, though if I’m honest. There were no drinks with umbrellas in them, cabana boys, or even cabanas. And we certainly didn’t catch up on sleep. Instead, we kicked off the trip by waking up at 3am.Normally, I don’t like waking up early. Even though I’ve been getting up before the buttcrack of dawn for over a decade, it’s still a struggle. Most days the snooze button is my friend. But not this…read more