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Personal Finance is Personal: A tale of two bags

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 This September will mark 10 years Andrea and I have known each other. We’ve seen a lot, been through a lot, and done a lot together in that time. So it takes a lot to phase us or surprise us. A few weeks ago, though, something strange happened that caught us both off guard. Without talking about it or coordinating we both bought $300 bags!I figure you’re having one of two reactions. “Oooo, what kind of bag? Tell me more, tell me more, tell me more!” or “What kind of…read more

What I learned getting lost in Singapore

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Back in the summer of 2006 I spent a few days visiting Singapore, a beautiful, modern city-sized country in southeast Asia. One day, I was wandering around the Little India neighborhood with some friends. It was getting late and we wanted to head back to where we were staying. But first, we wanted to visit a store we’d seen earlier in the day. There was only one problem. We remembered where the store was, but soon realized we had no idea where we were. Not my finest moment.  😳 We were hopelessly…read more

How I made my wife cry on our honeymoon

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True story. I made my wife cry on our honeymoon. And I’m not talking about happy tears. No, those came four days earlier when we exchanged our vows. But sad tears. Scared tears. Trembling with fear, snot-pouring-out-of-her-nose tears.I didn’t mean to. Lord knows I didn’t want to. All I ever wanted was to be a good husband. But there she was, my beautiful bride, bawling her eyes out. And it felt like my fault.So what happened?Without even realizing it I hit a nerve. We talked about money.I know what you’re…read more

Welcome to Love and Money Matters!

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Hey there, glad you’re here! If you just signed up for the FREE “How to Talk About Money Without Fighting” program, check your email for your first lesson and to confirm your subscription!If not, what are you waiting for?!So, I had this idea. I ran my idea by a couple dozen friends and they assured me the idea wasn’t crazy. But here’s what is crazy. There are tons of personal finance blogs and companies out there telling us how to save, spend, and invest. And there are a lot of…read more