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13240045_10103906183863030_4387450030222039874_nHi, I’m James.

I’m here because I care about relationships.

My parents divorced when I was young and dragged me through two more divorces for good measure. Watching my parents’ mistakes taught me a lot about why relationships fail. While the details of each divorce were unique, they all had one thing in common: money fights.

I’m married now and I want nothing more than to build an awesome life with my wife, Andrea. That means avoiding the same mistakes our parents made and learning how to handle money together.

It wasn’t always pretty or easy, but we’ve built a easy-to-use system for handling money that works for us. It pays the bills and helps us pursue our dreams while protecting us from our fears.  

It’s helped us…
Pay off $62,000 in debt in 7 months
Effectively emergency-proof our lives
-Buy our first home
-Explore new hobbies
-Travel the world in style

Best of all, we know how to have important conversations without fighting. 
We’ve even grown closer together as we’ve handled challenges with love and respect.

Sign up to learn everything we’ve learned, and will learn, about handling money and building an awesome relationship.  

You’ll get great stuff from me you can use right away to help you and your partner handle your money. Andrea will pop-in every once in a while to share her unique perspective. 

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